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5 Unconventional Sports Clubs In Singapore That'll Make You WANT to Sweat It Out

If running on the treadmill or lone sports simply aren't doing it for you, try these group activities that'll motivate you to get moving.

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1. Dragon-boating

Maybe you used to row crew, or you’re keen to kayak. Why not join one of the hundreds of recreational or competitive dragon boating teams in SG? There are a large number of regattas here each year!

Contact the Singapore Dragon Boat Association, British Dragon Boat Team Singapore or Singapore Paddle Club to learn more.


2. Tennis

If you love tennis, but want to brush up your game, consult SITA Tennis Academy, which has a team of experienced coaches (including ex-ATP ranked tennis professionals), or Total Fitness Leisure, which offers private lessons for individuals and groups of two people and up.

Ready for some match-play? Join the Singapore Tennis Meetup Group.


3. Netball

Don’t be overwhelmed: There are more than 300 netball teams in Singapore that play regularly.

Net4all can point you in the right direction based on your skill level. It even runs courses for folks who’ve never played. Singapore Mixed Netball has a solid list of mixed competitions for men and women.


4. Spartan Training

With obstacle racing all the rage across Asia, people are looking for places to train to master the unique challenges they face in a race.

Fitness First runs daily dedicated Spartan classes to help on specific obstacles. Failing that, your local park or HDB should have monkey bars and pull up bars to train with.


5. Touch Football

Come Saturday afternoon on the fields at Turf City, you’ll see men, women and kids of all ages running around playing touch football.

Find a league that fits your family’s ability, ages and fitness level at Touch Football Singapore.


By The Finder, January 2017

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