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4 Counter-Intuitive Ways To Cool Down Your Body After Your Workout

Sweating a lot when exercising can equal loads of burnt calories.

But after, it’s important to cool your body to prevent discomfort.

Here are four ways to cool down quick.


1. Grab a hot drink 

As counterintuitive as it sounds, research has shown that a hot coffee cools you down faster than a cold drink. Even though it could make you sweat a little more, this helps dissipate your body’s heat.


2. Take a lukewarm shower 

It seems ideal to have a cold shower after braving the scorching heat or working up a serious sweat, but experts recommend otherwise.

Although a cold shower feels relieving, it will make your body temperature plummet quickly. As a result, your temperature scrambles to rise again afterwards.

Have a lukewarm shower instead, and air dry rather than towel dry so your body cools down gently.


3. Chill the back of your neck

Your nape of your neck is the sensor of your temperature control system, so cooling it down does wonders to your body.

Put a cool, damp handkerchief on it after your workout.

Also remember to shield your nape from the sun as you go about the rest of your day – turn a cap around backwards or flip up your collar.


4. Have a quick soak

Soak your hands or feet in a basin of cold water to speed up your body’s natural cooling process. This helps increase blood flow to the small veins and capillaries near the surface of the skin so you won’t suffer in the sweltering heat.


From The Finder, October 2016


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