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How Much Water Must You ACTUALLY Drink In Singapore's Insane Hot Weather?

Welcome to the tropics!

Our bodies contain water more than anything else – about 60 percent of an average person’s weight.

In sunny Singapore, you may need to drink more H2O each day to stay hydrated. The Health Promotion Board recommends a daily intake of eight to 10 glasses of 250 ml each. (But listen to your body – if you feel thirsty, drink more!) 

For added benefits, consider pure, spring water from Natural Springs Australia.


Health benefits

Drinking water helps to rid your body of waste through sweat and urination. When your lymphatic system functions better, your digestive system works more effi ciently and your skin may improve, too.

What’s more, your brain contains a lot of water, and drinking H2O can help you focus.


More than safe

Although tap water in Singapore is safe for drinking, it lacks the minerals found in spring water. Natural Springs Australia draws directly from Victoria’s Black Hill Mountains spring, runs the water through a fi ltering system and sends it straight to Singapore, where it is bottled.

Chemical and microbiological testing ensures the highest quality of water without sacrificing its natural mineral content.


Easy and convenient

Natural Springs Australia offers free doorstop delivery with every minimum order of three bottles for homes, and four bottles for offices.

Each five-gallon bottle costs just $19, and a hot and cold water dispenser is also provided with a one-time refundable deposit of $250 (upon termination of service).


From The Finder, October 2016


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