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3 Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures In Singapore Even Beauty Clinics Recommend

Pretty, not prickly

Our friends from The Sloane Clinic recommend these non-invasive cosmetic procedures that don't require going under the knife or needle.

Bonus: These treatments are suitable for both women and men!

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To lift tired eyes

For many people, the eyes and the skin around them are the first areas to exhibit signs of ageing, in the form of droopy eyelids.

The Sloane Clinic has a new programme that aims to reduce these symptoms over the course of six sessions. Called the Ultimate Eyelift, it utilises SmartX laser technology, which is designed to trigger collagen replenishment in your body and enhance the texture and elasticity of your upper and lower eyelids.

The aesthetician will apply a numbing cream to your eye area to help minimise discomfort from the warm, prickly sensation that comes from the spray of the micro laser peel.

While the procedure is said to be suitable for anyone with droopy eyelids, those suffering from recent sunburns or who are on Roaccutane (for acne) should avoid it entirely. As such, you should check with your consultant to determine your suitability for the programme.


To get smooth skin

Collagen production in your body will naturally decline as you age, and this may cause dull, wrinkled or saggy skin on your body.

Body Shape by Thermage is designed to heat deep collagen fibres in the skin and underlying tissue using radiofrequency (RF) technology, simultaneously protecting the skin surface with a cooling spray.

A ThermaTip device briefly touches the skin to deliver the RF energy. The deep heating aims to tighten your skin structure and, over time, produce new collagen to improve your skin’s health over the course of six months.


To makeover your mane

Embarassed by your thinning tresses?

The Sloane Clinic’s RevitaScalp treatment uses nutrients like vitamin B12, folic acid, amino acids and minoxidil, designed to help inhibit the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is believed to hinder hair growth.

This “hair-cial” doesn’t involve needles or injections.

Also consider Revage 670 Laser, which contains 30 diodes that emit laser energy. It is designed to stimulate healthier hair strands in thinning areas. The aim? Enhance blood flow to nudge hair follicles into an active growth state, which is thought to create a healthier environment for thicker and more durable hair shafts.

It may sound painful, but according to The Sloane Clinic, the majority of their clients find it a pleasant experience.

Want to try both? Opt for the Hair Maximiser Programme, which combines 12 sessions each of Revage 670 Laser and Revitascalp.

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From The Finder, November 2016



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