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A Beauty Clinic's Ultimate Guide To Looking 10 Years Younger

Breathe new life into sagging skin without going under the knife, thanks to The Sloane Clinic’s Non-Invasive 3D Facelift Program.

Combining two age-defying innovations, Ultherapy and Thermage, this lifting powerhouse works on multiple layers of skin tissue for an inside-out firming effect.



Ultherapy delivers medical ultrasound to a specific depth beneath the skin, resulting in the increase in collagen synthesis for a gradual tightening effect.

Thanks to the precision that it offers, skin density is improved without affecting the skin surface.

The process takes about 60 minutes and can be used to treat laxity in the skin around the brow bones, cheeks and jawline. While a slight flush is common, there is no downtime needed and any signs of redness should subside within a few hours.

Since the synthesis of collagen occurs over time, you can also expect the contours of your face to continue to tighten over the next few months.



In addition to this, Thermage uses radiofrequency (RF) waves to target the middle and superficial layers of the skin.

Collagen production is accelerated so the appearance of wrinkles is reduced.

What’s more, the new generation of Thermage has a CPT (Comfort Pulsed Technology) system that releases RF energy in short, rapid pulses to ensure maximum comfort. With no downtime and minimal pain, the synergy of these two anti-ageing treatments promises a taut and sculpted mien.


The Non-Invasive 3D Facelift Program starts from $10,743. and is available at The Sloane Clinic’s ION Orchard outlet. For more information, visit




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