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Want Smoother Skin? These Coconut-Based Skincare Products From Singapore Can Help

Singaporeans and self-proclaimed coconut junkies Sera Kuek and Adeline Quek first talked about starting a business together over a coffee date in June 2016. This idea eventually evolved into koqo, a virgin coconut oil (VCO)-based skincare brand they co-founded in January 2017. 

“Instead of calling our brand Kuek Quek, we put our initials, K and Q, together, and it sounds like “coco”-nuts,” says Sera. They then began searching for suitable skincare products and visited a few manufacturers in Bali. “We even had some samples made, but weren’t quite happy with the formula,” explains Sera. Eventually, Adeline discovered a high-quality coconut oil that they both liked immediately. 


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