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12 Uniquely Singaporean Drinks You Need To Try At Your Local Hawker Centre

There are more variations than you can even imagine.


We've already established that prata is a popular choice for supper in Singapore. One interesting element of these prata places that completes the experience is the unique drinks that goes along with your supper. Confused by the unfamiliar items on the menu? We break it down for you. 


1. Milo Dinosaur

First things first, Milo is a popular chocolate malt drink. Milo Dinosaur goes a little over the edge by adding Milo powder on a cup of iced Milo. Generally, anything with the word "Dinosaur" in it means that it comes with a generous serving of Milo powder on top of the drink. 


2. Milo Godzilla

But why stop there? A Godzilla comes with a little bit of ice cream or whipped cream in the drink. Some places even add sprinkles to the cream, and if you're making this drink at home, you can go overboard and add a few pieces of marshmallows to it (because, why not?). 


3. Horlicks Dinosaur

You might already know Horlicks as a malt milk drink. But here, we take it a step further and add Horlicks powder to iced Horlicks. Ho Ho Ho! 


4. Kopi Cino and Teh Cino

Taking the cue from the cappuccino (sort of), these local drinks contain condensed milk on the bottom layer and coffee or tea of the second, with a touch of milk froth or foam on the top layer. Some places also serve Milo and Horlicks this way.  


5. NesLo

NesLo is a blend of Nescafe coffee and Milo. Trust us, it is delicious! (And yes, you can get NesLo Dinosaur too.) I personally love NesLo from Mr Teh Tarik.
*Do note that anything with the term "Nescafe" on the menu indicates it is made with coffee from the Nescafe brand instead of local coffee powder (which will be reflected as "kopi" instead). You can taste the difference.


6. Teh Tarik

A Beginner’s Guide to Unique Singapore Drinks to Go With Your Prata Supper

You know what Teh Tarik is (click here if you don't) but do you know you can also get it with ice? And you can also get Kopi Tarik (as a hot or cold drink)!

Bonus: Find out how you can learn the art of making a perfect cup of Teh Tarik here


7. Teh Halia 

A Beginner’s Guide to Unique Singapore Drinks to Go With Your Prata Supper

While Ginger Tea is popular in many parts of Asia and the Middle East, you can get many variations to this drink in Singapore -- Teh Susu Halia (Ginger tea with condensed milk), Teh O Halia (without milk or sugar), and you may even be able to get Kopi Halia (yup, ginger-flavoured coffee). We've even seen hot Milo served with ginger. 


8. Teh O Limau

"Limau" is lime in Malay so yes, it includes a hint of lime. You can also get this as a cold drink.


Masala Tea

A Beginner’s Guide to Unique Singapore Drinks to Go With Your Prata Supper

Known as chai in many parts of the world, this flavoured tea is made by brewing black tea and adding Indian spices and herbs.


9. Bandung Dinosaur

You already know what bandung is (read more here), now take it up a notch with yes, you guessed it -- Milo powder! 


10. Iced Lychee/Longan/Rambutan

Drink your favourite tropical fruits with some syrup and ice to beat the heat on a hot sunny day. In addition, Spize serves Blueberry Longan or Lychee, which just ups the delicious factor. 


11. White Spider and Black Spider

No, this is not a cocktail. White Spider is Sprite Float, while Black Spider is Sarsi Float. 


12. Lassi

Some prata places sneak in this yogurt-based drink in its menu and it goes really well with Indian food. 


Muneerah Bee, June 2016


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