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These Chefs Went On A 6-Month Search For Singapore's Best Hawker Fare, And Here's What Happened

Can’t get enough of the Singapore’s delicious local hawker fare?

Look no further – StraitsKitchen has it all under one roof, buffet-style.

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The 260-seater contemporary food bazaar is tucked inside Grand Hyatt Singapore and offers patrons a comfy yet luxurious taste of the cuisines from each of the four cultures in the Lion City.

StraitsKitchen is big on promoting Singapore’s cultural heritage and diversity, and celebrates this by incorporating decorative elements such as Chinese teapots and a wall filled with bottles of chilli and pepper oils in the space.

It all began in early 2003 when a team of chefs at Grand Hyatt went on a six-month search for the island’s best hawker fare. Their search dug up the results they wanted, but also made the team realise that they could never recreate the authentic flavours that these hawkers had perfected over the years.

Grand Hyatt Singapore did the next best thing: It employed these hawker veterans to join the StraitsKitchen culinary staff – a decision that has brought the brand plenty of success to date.

The menu at StraitsKitchen is a carefully curated collection of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Peranakan delicacies.

Must-tries include: laksa; Hainanese chicken rice; grilled otak-otak and satay; freshly made roti prata, naan and briyani rice; perennial Peranakan favourites like Ayam Buah Keluak as well as traditional Nyonya kuehs for dessert.

The restaurant also boasts halal-certified theatre kitchens, making it one of the handful of eateries along Orchard Road to have this dietary certification.

Here's a sneak peak of what to expect.


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