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3 Reasons Why Your Sleep Sucks, And How To Change That

Studies show that a lack of sleep can affect your mood, thinking and learning abilities, or even cause health problems like high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes.

Does your sleep suck? You might identify with these problems - and together with the folks at Tempur, we've got the solutions.

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Problem #1: You have a restless partner

You’re zonked from running after the kids and all you want is to get in some serious Zs, but your partner thrashes around in bed and steals the blankets.


If your partner tends to fret about the next day’s to-dos before bed, stash a notepad on the bedside table to help him or her gather their thoughts or plan out tasks that pop up while in bed. Also, suggest cutting out caffeine in the afternoon or evening, and consider getting separate blankets.

Alternatively, Tempur’s new Contour Collection is designed to “dramatically dampen and absorb motion” so you are unaffected when your partner moves about. It adapts and conform to your body to provide support and relieve pressure for good sleep. 


Problem: You’re pregnant of have joint pain

Finding a comfy position to sleep in is an ongoing challenge. Or, maybe you’re struggling to deal with that niggling backache that creeps up each night.


Mommas-to-be are recommended to sleep on their left sides to make things easier on your circulatory system. Not used to it? Prop pillows where you feel you need the most support (including one between your knees).

If it’s general joint pain that’s bringing you down, try applying an ice pack wrapped in a towel or cloth for 15 to 20 minutes a day on the affected area.

Another idea: Treat yourself to a mattress from Tempur’s Sensation Collection. Its material offers a “pressurerelieving surface that is engineered with an open cell structure” to absorb and evenly distribute the weight of your body. This minimises aches and maximises comfort, allows ease of movement and has outstanding body support. 


Problem: Your mattress sucks

That's one way to put it simply. Well, experts agree: A mattress that is too hard or too soft can cause you discomfort, including numbness, aches and pains, and excessive tossing and turning. If old, it may also carry dust mites, which can trigger allergies.


Zip a slipcover around your mattress and pillows to prevent mites from entering them, and vacuum your mattress regularly. Consider replacing your mattress every five to 10 years, but before you buy a new one, Tempur’s sleep experts recommend trying models out in the store: Lie down for at least five minutes on both your back and side to get a feel of the mattress.

Where to start? Consider Tempur’s Hybrid or Cloud Collections: the former combines pressure-relieving benefits and the responsiveness of springs, while the latter offers a soft feel with good body support.


By Hazel Joanne Vincent De Paul, The Finder (Issue 282), May 2017

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