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How To Make Sure Your Domestic Helper In Singapore Is Using Good Hygiene

If you employ a domestic helper, you should not assume that her hygiene standards and your hygiene standards are the same. After all, there are cultural and lifestyle differences since you probably come from different countries.

Here’s how to deal if your helper is not as sanitary as you’d like her to be.

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Let’s talk toiletries

Generally, toiletries like toilet paper and toothpaste are provided by the employer, but this depends on both yours and your helper’s needs.

Certain employers generally travel frequently and may not stock toiletries at home. In this case, the helper may need an allowance to cover such needs.

As such, it is best to check if she requires a toiletries allowance because she may have her own brand preferences or may prefer to buy products that are made in her own country.


Set the standards

For instance, you may require your helper to tie up her hair when she is cooking so that her hair does not fall into the food. Or, you may ask her to inspect the plates to ensure that the plates are not oily after washing. If a plate is oily, she will have to wash it again.

Nevertheless, keep your requirements reasonable and avoid “attacking” her hygiene standards.

Instead, if you have concerns about her hygiene, sit down with her and calmly explain your expectations regarding her hygiene. Compliment her when she meets your standards. If not, simply remind her.

Remember the language barrier - get her to explain to you what you require of her so that you are sure that she understands. Communication is key.


From The Finder (Issue 285), September 2017

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