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Living Healthy: How To Stay Hydrated In Sunny Singapore

In summer-year-round Singapore, drinking enough water each day is a priority, particularly if you’re outdoors and working up a sweat. Follow this advice to meet your recommended eight cups.


How water helps 

Drinking plenty of water is important for keeping your body functioning properly. It helps flush out impurities from your system, and can prevent cramps, dehydration and heat exhaustion. Plus, staying hydrated ensures that nutrients are delivered around your body, aids in food digestion and more.


Pick a pure source

Natural Springs Australia brings you pure spring water straight from the Black Hill Mountains in Victoria, Australia. It runs the water through a filtering system before sending it to Singapore to be bottled.

Natural Springs Australia also runs chemical and microbiological testing to ensure you’re getting the best quality of water.


Speedy delivery

Enjoy fast, easy doorstep delivery at $19.00 per five-gallon bottle. (Bonus: Delivery is free with a minimum order of three bottles for home, or four for commercial addresses).

A hot and cold dispenser is provided with a onetime refundable deposit of $250, though Natural Springs Australia waives the dispenser charge of $100 for consumption above 36 bottles a year.


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