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Simple Barbecue Hacks For Your Next House Party To Impress All Your Guests

Beef up your meat

Try these simple BBQ ideas at your next get-together.

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1. Use BBQ Sauce as a marinade or a dip 

BBQ sauce is also rich enough to be used as a marinade. Coat your ribs with as much sauce as you like, then store the rack at room temperature for an hour or refrigerate overnight for extra zing.

Or, try it with beef or chicken burgers, wraps or burritos as a sauce or dip.

Try: Cafe 26's BBQ Rib Sauce & Marinade


2. Give your chargrills a smokier taste

If it’s a unique taste you’re looking for, then this sauce is custom-made. It contains hints of hickory smoke that give your chargrills a stronger taste and aroma.

Coat your ribs with the sauce and bake for an hour or brush on the sauce while grilling. Serve with buttered corn on the side.

Try: Cafe 26's Smokey BBQ Sauce & Marinade


Cafe 26 products are available at:
Four Seasons Organic Market
Swiss Butchery
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From The Finder, November 2016


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