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These Interesting Salad Combinations Will Make You Actually WANT To Go On Diet

Bored of your plain ol' Caesar salads? Try these alternatives.


1. Fruit salad

Try: a punnet of strawberries + 1 small papaya + 2 apples + Cafe 26's original salad dressing

Still the most popular flavour of Cafe 26, this perennial favourite has a taste that’s somewhat like mustard, with hints of garlic and vinegar.

Use it as a sauce for stir-fry or as a delicious dip for fruits or savoury fi ngerfoods such as chicken nuggets, sausages and roasted pork.


2. Asian Chicken Salad

Try: 1 BBQ chicken + 800g lettuce + 200g rice noodles + Cafe 26's Oriental salad dressing

Great for creating Asian-themed meals, or to add a little exotic flavour to your dishes, this salad dressing contains chili and sesame oil, resulting in a lovely mix of sweet and spicy flavours.


Cafe 26's products are available at Four Seasons Organic Market, Swiss Butchery, Taste Original, and Qoo10 online shop.


From The Finder, October 2016


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