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How To Build A Positive Relationship With Your Helper

It’s easy to blame your helper if all isn’t well between the both of you, but these troubles may be a two-way situation.

Here are three reasons, and how you can make improve the situation:

1. Lack of Communication

Your helper comes from a different culture and has a different personality, communication style or world view from you. So don’t simply assume that she will behave or do things exactly as you would. Talk to your helper openly and inform her that you’re always available to talk if she needs help or clarification about her work. This will help her feel that you genuinely care. Remember that an open channel of communication is the key to any healthy relationship.

2. Unreasonable Expectations

This is a very common problem in many households. For instance, some employers may expect the maid to take care of their baby’s feeds throughout the night and still perform her daily chores with minimal rest. On the other hand, some helpers may expect every public holiday to be an off day. Failing to clarify what constitutes as an off day may result in your helper assuming that her home country’s holidays are also included. Both helper and employer must follow the Singapore Ministry of Manpower’s rules and regulations with regard to work hours, rest days, medical coverage and more. Furthermore, always practise the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

3. Management Style

Perhaps your helper’s performance isn’t up to your standards, or maybe you’ve noticed that she’s lost her mojo for her job. This is when you should give your management style some careful consideration. Most agencies would recommend that you keep things professional instead of being emotional. You can also consider asking the agency for counselling sessions for both you and your helper.


From The Finder, March 2016


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