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3 Easy Tips To Make Healthy Eating Non-Yucky For Kids

At IIS, information about healthy eating is often incorporated into the curriculum. But the boutique school also offers interesting excursions, extra-curricular activities and at-home ideas to inspire kids to eat well.

Here are three ways that IIS makes food more fun:


1. Take it outside

IIS organises school excursions to dairy and vegetable farms to get students curious about where their food comes from, helping them gain insight into the process.

Going to a hydroponics vegetable farm can show children the role of technology in producing fresh veggies, while seeing mushrooms being grown in the dark could be intriguing for those learning about plant groups in science class. 


2. Get their hands dirty

Growing fruits and vegetables in school is often a big hit with IIS students.

At home, this can be incorporated through growing simple herbs, and may be turned into a term-long project at home or school, in which children water, weed, fertilise and track the growth of their plant. They certainly get a thrill from harvesting and eating the fresh produce after investing all that time!


3. Educate them

Students learn about the metric system in math by analysing food nutrition labels and seeing which product falls the closest to the approved healthy eating guidelines. For older students, teachers organise debates during English lessons about which types of food might be the healthiest.

In addition, a food and nutrition cooking club lets students learn first-hand how to create their own meals – and realise that “healthy” does not always mean “yucky.” 


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