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2 Engaging Theatre Shows In Singapore To Catch With Your Kid

One of the region’s premier production companies for family-oriented theatre, I Theatre is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year - surely that says something!

Along with their celebrations come these two brand new productions we're sure your kid will love.


1. Little Star

Bright, bubbly Little Star often watches other stars and the Moon and planets, but she’s not sure where she fits in. When a comet passes by, she hitches a ride and finds herself on a journey through space, down to earth and even under the sea – exploring the universe and discovering friendship and family along the way.

This production is based on its famous namesake nursery rhyme and uses puppetry, black light, movement and music to draw the audience in.

Not only will your child get to sing along to Little Star’s various catchy tunes, he or she can also help the Star of the show on her adventure through various experiential sequences and interactive segments.

Little Star runs from August 17 to September 11 at the Alliance Française Theatre and is great for kids between ages 2 and 6.


2. The Magic Paintbrush

This musical treat tells of young Toni Lee’s struggles with the stress of schoolwork and parental expectations.

When she unexpectedly makes a wish using a magical paintbrush, she’s transported back in time to the Southern Province of China where she transforms into Ma Liang. From there, her story unfolds in a series of magical adventures, with a wise phoenix as her trusty guide. Watch out for Emperor and his comical guards, too!

Parents and kids alike will enjoy the show’s strong moral message about the value of creativity, friendship and the dangers of abusing power.

The Magic Paintbrush runs from October 27 to November 12 at the Drama Centre Theatre.


Tickets and show times are available on the SISTIC website.


By The Finder, July 2016


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