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5 Easy DIY Toys For Your Kids They'll Actually Love

You may want to skip the newest Disney doll and opt for a little creativity at home instead.

Take a tip or two from this: Research shows that “open-ended” toys are the best toys for a child’s early education.

What this means? Open-ended toys do not have a pre-determined use; this type of play involves creating new scenarios rather than simply playing out a scene.. For example, a box can be a car, dungeon, farmhouse, a school or any number of other things in play, rather than figures and characters that have set actions and specific ways they're to be played with.

They serve as learning instruments for your child by giving him or her the freedom to create his or her own rules and be spontaneous. As such, play does not follow a predefined script so the outcome of the story is unknown.

Additionally, open-ended toys encourage children’s abstract thinking, active creativity as well as the ability to focus and act intentionally. These skills translate into competence and capability in adults, being able to consider and evaluate differing perspectives and to be able to think and act on their own.

It is through these experiences that children are able to learn best. When choosing a toy ask yourself whether it tells them how to play or allows them to make choices about how they play.

Or, try making these open-ended toys with only simple household items:


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