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This Photography Studio In Singapore Creates The CUTEST Family Photoshoot Themes Ever

If a regular photoshoot doesn’t excite you, then consider The Studio Loft’s unique themed mini-sessions instead.

Typically 20 minutes in duration, these themed mini-shoots are totally different from your regular studio shoot - usually scheduled around special occasions such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Children’s Day, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day as well as Halloween, says Maryann Koh, The Studio Loft’s managing partner and head photographer.

The Studio Loft team loves “dreaming up and creating these sets that children (and adults!) want to have fun in,” says Maryann Koh, The Studio Loft’s managing partner and head photographer. They aim to create artistic memories that paint a rich, honest representation of love and family, and specialises in maternity, newborn, children and family portraiture.

Her all-woman team (You go, girls!) often hand-makes the props or sources one-of-a-kind items from overseas. It’s an added challenge, but the team enjoys the creative process, as they feel a good photoshoot also lies in the client’s positive experience. “When we tell our clients they’ll have a giant popcorn set, they will get exactly that! We would never ask your child to pretend to hold a giant popcorn and Photoshop that in,” says Maryann. 

These popular mini-sessions usually take place over two days, but will be extended for up to five days during popular seasons like Christmas or Chinese New Year. (Tip: Slots are often fully booked within days of being released, so stay up to date by following The Studio Loft on Instagram or Facebook or by signing up for its online newsletter.)

Browse through the gallery below for some of their shots!


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