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True Story: How To NOT Let Everything That Can Go Wrong At A Kids' Party Go Wrong

I remember the first time I planned a kids' party. To put it nicely, I wasn't great at it.

In fact, lesson 1 was learnt even before the party started: include specific information on the invitation cards. The parents didn't know whether they were invited to stay at the party or not, and it was awkward, to say the least.

I don't remember so much as existing before I turned five, but maybe that's just me. Apparently, children start being able to consciously remember specific events even before they're two

Which means the poor kid probably remembers having a horrible birthday party. I'm sorry.


It's party time!

Recently, The Finder threw a Halloween party at Cluny Court, and reveling kids dressed in colourful and cute costumes had a sweet time (pun intended!) Trick-or-Treating and more.

This party was much, much better. It was brilliant!

The kids had a whole ton of fun with the line-up of activity, including face-painting by kids party planners E Magical Moment

The friendly face-painter could create unique designs from superheroes to cartoon characters to animals.

The high-quality professional paints were water-based, which meant that they could be easily washed off with water and soap after the party.

Thing is, planning age-appropriate activities for the little ones is much harder than you think. Plan the activities a little too sparsely and they get bored; pack too much into the party and they get too tired out.

E Magical Moment has a range of party packages to cater to various kids and kids' parties, including magic shows, interactive games, balloon sculpting, face-painting, and of course, the cake-cutting ceremony. 

Want something extra special? They do customised packages as well, whether it's a back-to-school party, birthday celebration, or any other special occasion.

Party on!



By The Finder, November 2016

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