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3 Myths About Etonhouse In Singapore Many Expat Parents Believe: DEBUNKED!

Many expat parents have the impression that EtonHouse only offers programmes for pre-K tykes.

But the truth is, EtonHouse has a comprehensive educational path for your child, from playgroups through to preschool, primary and secondary levels.

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1. For toddlers (9-17 months) 

EtonHouse’s Stay & Play programme encourages tots to use their senses – sight, sound, smell and even taste – as they use paint, water, clay, sand and fabric in a safe, stimulating environment. Additionally, your little one will encounter English and Mandarin through activities like snack time and music sessions. 

This adult-accompanied playgroup promotes social interaction through shared space and resources, while also motivating children to be independent and confident.

The playgroup is available at the Thomson, Claymore, Sentosa and Newton campuses.


2. For students up to age 12

EtonHouse Thomson now offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) for students up to age 12.

Students get to interact with an English and Mandarin teacher each day, which helps them think, understand and communicate effectively in two languages.

Students currently enrolled in EtonHouse preschools will enjoy an automatic transfer to the Thomson campus to continue their primary education or the Broadrick campus for both primary and secondary education.


3. For students aged 14-16

EtonHouse Broadrick isn’t just a stellar IB PYP World School, it was recently authorised as a Cambridge school.

“The Secondary 1-3 curriculum is specifically designed to link the in-depth conceptual understanding developed in the IB PYP to the intensive study-skillsbased Cambridge-approved IGCSE programme undertaken in Years 10 and 11,” explains Martin Hughes, Principal of EtonHouse International School.

Students aged 14 to 16 can sit for the Cambridge IGCSE, which is a springboard to the A-Levels, IB Diploma or other national educational programmes.


Why choose EtonHouse?

What sets EtonHouse apart from other schools: its close-knit community of students, teachers and parents. Together, they work, play and learn in camaraderie.

At EtonHouse, each child is respected as a distinct individual and is encouraged to actively participate in school, at home and in the wider community in which they live.


From The Finder, November 2016


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