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7 Exam Mistakes Your Child Keeps Making – This Needs To Change!

Kids being kids, will make the silliest mistakes in important examinations that can cost them previous marks.

The pros at learning centres Lorna Whiston Schools, Mindchamps, Zhiying Language School and Da Little School point out common errors in each subject that you should teach your kid to avoid.

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1. Not paying attention to keywords. Teach them to mark out keywords. Let them use the method he prefers, be it highlighting, underlining, or circling.

2. Using the wrong tense. Remind them to check!



3. Forgetting to place the unit or the correct unit. Marks are deducted for missing or wrong units in the final sentence. For instance: "15cm + 30 = 40 cm” is incorrect.

4. Scribbling the wrong numbers when copying or transferring the answers in each step of the working. Some kids also write “6” so badly it looks like “(”, or “7” looks like “1”.


Chinese/ second language

5. Not answering the question specifically. Our experts say that while it’s often effective to lift the whole sentence from the comprehension passage, kids needs to take note of the way the answers are being asked, and highlight the keywords. Always refer to situations in the passage rather than give a general answer.

6. Not using interesting vocabulary in compositions. Besides reading and taking note of good phrases, they should refresh their repertoire of dictation and use them appropriately.



7. Giving answers that are not in context. They may lose marks if it’s not clear how they arrived at his conclusion. Take this example:

A and B are similar objects, but B has a pair of wheels attached. If both objects are released from the top of a slope at the same time, which one would reach the ground first? Give a reason for your answer.

Your kid’s answer: Object B because there is less friction.

The best answer: The wheels reduce the friction between object B and the slope, so B reaches the ground first.


After it’s all done, give them a big hug and tell him you love them, no matter what the outcome of the exam. Your kid is more than just a set of grades!


By Young Parents, 7 September 2015

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