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Camps And Activities In Singapore Your Child Will Love This Summer School Holidays

Founded by Canadian performance storyteller, artist and educator Katherine McLeod, Camp Magic offers children aged 3 to 12 a place to engage their imaginations, allowing them to develop a strong sense of self-confidence and an innate belief in their abilities.

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The Treasure Chest of Fun

Each year, the programme has its own original theme and trained artists and facilitators, many of whom return each year to work with the children.

The themes focus on story adventures from around the globe, and children are educated on the geography of these places and introduced to cultural dances, music and art.

This year’s story theme is titled The Treasure Chest of Fun, and will be shared through performance, art and craft, storytelling, puppetry, drumming and rhythm, music as well as circus skills. 


Every kid counts

Participants are divided into six different age groups and will work together to stage a group performance on Friday afternoons for their families.

Through this shared goal, an amazing community is created where older children are given the opportunity to lead and show the younger ones what is possible. “This gives each child an incredible sense that what he or she contributes as an individual matters to the group as a whole, which is what makes Camp Magic unique,” explains Katherine. “There is a considerable balance between the needs of both the individual and group.”


Once is not enough

Each year, Camp Magic offers participants a wide range of activities, as it believes children learn in any number of ways.

“The more we can provide them with to explore their own learning processes, the greater chances their imaginations and creativity will be optimally activated,” says Katherine.

In fact, because of the tremendous variety offered, many families prefer to send their children to Camp Magic for multiple weeks.

Your child can expect an outdoor puppet station, weekly treasure hunts, creation stations, performances on Mondays and Fridays, maypole dances, tonnes of circus activities, Taiko drumming, treasure map-making, arts and crafts, and soccer! Kids between 7 and 12 can add on skills training such as Acro Balance, Mini Hoop, Club Manipulation and Clowning. 


The 2017 programme takes place on weekdays from June 19 to July 21, 2017, 8:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. at SJI International School. Visit the website for a list of activities, events calendars and registration details.


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