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How To Ensure Digital Devices Are REALLY Helping Your Child's Education In Singapore

Students today spend their entire lives surrounded by technology.

It’s no surprise then that technology has evolved into a cornerstone of the educational philosophy at schools like Nexus International School (Singapore).

In fact, the school aims to provide access to digital resources that support inquiry-based learning across its curriculum, and here's how.

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1. Beyond the books

Nexus has introduced a learning environment called the Maker Space, which develops problem-solving skills, design-thinking and collaboration, and enables learners to extend their curriculum in innovative, meaningful and exciting ways.

Students are encouraged to develop ideas and bring them to life by utilising technology such as CAD software, 3D printers and large format printing. Learners also have the opportunity to experiment with robotics and create unique artworks with computer code. 


2. Active learning

Learning at Nexus is not a passive process. Across its primary school, iPads are used to capture learning in real time. iPads support the mobility of learning and allows students to cooperate and collaborate.

By providing children access to these digital devices as well as a substantial range of effective digital learning resources, lessons become dynamic and exciting.


3. It's not just about the kids

Nexus believes that technology is only effective in the classroom when teachers are confi dent enough to explore innovative approaches to teaching and learning with digital technologies. As such, it supports its staff with ICT-focused professional development and access to a team of dedicated Digital Coaches, who support staff and help them integrate technology into lessons and activities.

The school’s cognitive coaching model allows teachers to reflect on their use of technology and draw upon the skills and experiences of their colleagues.

Nexus also has an online learning platform, The Hub. Its goal is to provide the tools to capture, explore, reflect and assess learning in school.

In collaboration with the platform’s developers, Nexus has created a system that is tailored to its learners’ unique requirements, curriculum and the wider Nexus community. The Hub facilitates reflective discussions, allowing students to share their learning and for teachers and parents to participate, too. This reflects the school’s inclusive ethos, and its aim to use technology only when it is meaningful.


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