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Parents Learn With Kids At This International School In Singapore, And Here's What It's Like

With a plethora of nursery schools to choose from in Singapore, deciding between a local school or an international one can be challenging. The Canadian International School shares why it should be on your shortlist.

Aimed to initiate children into schooling life and help them interact with others, CIS’s new nursery programme uses a teaching approach difficult to find in many local schools: Students learn with others of various backgrounds and languages, developing important 21st century competencies such as inter-cultural understanding and enhanced communication skills. 

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The programme emphasises the importance of involving both teachers and parents as partners in the children’s education, all achieved through ongoing communication, parent volunteer opportunities plus parent information and education sessions.

In addition, it is aligned with CIS’s kindergarten, primary and secondary school International Baccalaureate programmes, offering you a one-stop formal schooling option with minimal interruption.

One practical way in which it encourages the active inclusion of parents: They can join their children in the beginning and end of the school day.

“CIS’s nursery programme also offers an inquiry- and play-based approach, with a curriculum that’s structured around developmental benchmarks and school readiness indicators,” explains Andrea.

The nursery programme is perfect for parents who want a solid foundation for their child’s future success in school and life. Students will finish the programme well-prepared to take on the challenges of kindergarten, whether at CIS or a local school.

“The development of our nursery programme was in direct response to requests from our parent community,” shares Andrea Strachan, CIS’s Vice Principal Primary School, Lakeside campus. 

The school also believed it had the right facilities, such as its Outdoor Discover Centres, which are designed for children to learn about nature and the outdoors in a fun and safe environment, as well as highly experienced teachers. 

The programme will be available at both its Tanjong Katong and Lakeside campuses.


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