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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Your Child's School Teachers In Singapore

Gift guide for teachers

Teachers can be overwhelmed with presents and cards from parents and students at the end of the year.

But did you know there is a gift-giving etiquette to abide by? Follow these helpful hints from Integrated International School (IIS) in Singapore.

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Don’t go over-the-top 

Many teachers will decline expensive gifts, as they do not want to be perceived as favouring a specific student.

Such gifts could also be misperceived as bribery, which may lead to accusations of impropriety later on. This can be awkward for everyone involved.


Keep to the spending limit

Many schools set the price range between $30 and $50 per gift. Some examples of acceptable gifts within this budget include chocolates, soaps, candles, cookies, lotions, and gift cards.

Ask the school about its policies if you are unsure. 


Be practical

If you would prefer to contribute to your child’s class, ask the teacher and school management if you may gift any specific items like books or stationary supplies.

Be clear that this gift is due to your appreciation of one specific teacher.


Add a personal touch

Alternatively, take time out to help your child make a thank-you card or a homemade craft. This is often more meaningful than branded goods.


Many teachers choose this line of work because they are passionate about education and their students. Therefore, developing a good relationship with your child’s teacher during the academic year is always the best kind of reward.


By The Finder, December 2016

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