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True Story: How Mothers Think Of Themselves Vs What Kids Think Of Them

What do you think of yourself as a mom?

As a small experiment, a couple of moms were asked to describe themselves as mothers. They share their doubts about their abilities, and comments like "I wish I was better at..." or "I struggle with..." reveal insecurities stemming from abounding motherly love. 

Then, their kids were asked the same question: What do you think about your mom? 

Their answers were simple yet heart-melting: "She's fun to snuggle with." and "We go on dates together!"; one kid shyly says, "She loves me a lot." Needless to say, the moms were in tears.

We're not crying, it's the onions we're chopping for dinner with the tots.

Moms, you got this, you're doing great - much better than you think you are!


By The Finder, April 2017

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