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EVERYTHING You Need To Know Before Visiting Taipei, Taiwan

More a multifaceted enigma than a city of contrasts, Taipei is the exuberantly diverse capital of Taiwan.

A country of arguably four major cultural influences: Japanese, Chinese, American and Aboriginal, each legacy runs deep, resulting in a capital city of eclectic architecture, urban character and ways of life. From Xinyi’s gleaming skyscrapers (main photo) and Tianmu’s vast family mansions through Zhongshan’s quaint alleys to the citywide cement and corrugated iron homes and fantastically elaborate traditional temples, Taipei is a kaleidoscope that nevertheless harmonises into one.

Taipei is known for its low cost of living, efficient transportation system, plenty of locally grown produce, exciting arts scene, creative dining scene and last, but not least, a stunning natural environment. A basin bordered by mountains, such as the Four Beasts Mountains and volcanic Yangmingshan, Taipei has long been one of the world’s best-kept secrets for lovers of nature and the great outdoors.



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