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20 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Man (Or Men) In Your Life

What’s a greater challenge than buying a gift for a girl? Buying one for a guy.

This festive season, we've put together a list of gift ideas for the men in your life - your husband, your dad back home, your family friend, or even your son.

Here are our favourites:


Why we love it: If your man likes things simple but you want to add some colour to his life, do it subtly with these high-tops!


Why we love it: Never mind that sweater weather is not usually applicable to Singapore - we're sure he would brave the sun for this sweatshirt.


Why we love it: Even if a man doesn't need as many shoes as we do, he certainly needs this many socks. Add a quirk to his outfit, or rebel against the suiting up by sneaking in these cheeky socks onto his feet.


Scroll through the gallery below to see more!

All items are available at Robinsons. Happy shopping!


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