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4 Things You Should NOT Do To Your Domestic Helper While Traveling During Your Holiday

So you're going on holiday and aren't sure what to do with your domestic helper while you're away.

Maid agency 121 Personnel Services shares their tips.

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1. Neglect her visa concerns

Perhaps you want to bring your helper along so you and your partner can sneak off for date night without the kids while on holiday.

If so, remember to find out beforehand if she needs a visa application for the country of visit vis-à-vis her home country.

Alternatively, time your holiday with her home leave, so she can have a break, too.


2. Disregard her rights

Even though you are letting your helper tag along for your holiday, remember that she is still working for you. She will have to be compensated for the period she is with you abroad. Do not deduct that time period from her home leave period (read on for possible exceptions).

After all, letting her spend the time she deserves in her home country is a great reward for all her accumulated work.

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3. Deduct her home leave period

If you want your helper to have a proper vacation with your family without her usual workload, ask if she’s okay with considering that holiday as part of her home leave.

Her consent is important. And if she agrees, it is advisable to have that agreement documented and signed by both parties.


4. Distrust her

If you’d prefer to let your helper stay in Singapore, remember to give her some freedom.

Do not leave her locked in the house without the keys. Not only is this a violation of Ministry of Manpower regulations, there’s also a possibility for emergency situations such as a fire outbreak or gas leak. 


By The Finder, December 2016


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