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How To Manage Your Live-In Domestic Helper Conducively

Create a conducive environment for sharing your space with a live-in maid.

How do you set good rules and give your helper the respect she deserves? Often, couples can’t seem to agree on what’s “fair” – should you invite her along on family outings, or assume that she’d like some alone time? Are you micro-managing her, or simply providing the detailed directions she needs?

Make more informed decisions with the following advice.


Remember: she's a person, too

When in doubt, use the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Even though the Ministry of Manpower has mandated a minimum of eight hours of uninterrupted rest and a weekly day off, ask yourself if you would be happy working under those hours.

Chances are, you wouldn’t – and neither is your helper. By allowing your helper to take more breaks, she’ll perform better and strive to do her best.


Be clear

Outline your expectations regarding mobile phone usage, dress code, inviting over visitors, curfews, etc., to maintain a mutual understanding. Keep the rules reasonable to reduce the chances of unhappiness.


Keep communication channels open 

Your helper plays an important role in your family and your life. Show your concern by talking to your helper regularly and giving her constructive feedback on her performance.


From The Finder, June 2016


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