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And The SAFEST City In The World This 2017 Is...

Spoiler alert: If safety is one of your top priorities when deciding where to live, Singapore's a pretty good choice.

Where in the world - literally - is the safest place? Hot off the press, the Safe Cities Index 2017 by the Economic Intelligence Unit ranked cities around the world based on 49 indicators spanning digital, health, infrastrucutre and personal security.

While the top ten comprised mostly of Western cities like Zurich, Asia bagged a podium finish - three Asian cities took up the top three spots in the same positions as 2015, when the list was last published. At the bottom of the list were a few Asian cities like Jakarta and Dhaka, as well as cities in the Middle East and Africa.

So, which cities exactly topped the list? Scroll through the gallery below to see the safest cities to be living in this 2017.

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